Well today was better.  Little by little, we are getting some of these boys under control.

Yesterday, my friend Bobby had such a hard time he spent his play time in the Rest Stop.  He was NOT happy about it and cried.  This morning, I reminded him about missing his play time and we went over each rule he needed to work on.  I told him how smart he was and I knew he could do it.  Wouldn’t you know it… he had a much better day.

We made sure to praise the heck out of Bobby all day long and wouldn’t you know it, when he left this afternoon, not only did he hug me, but he squeezed me hard for a few seconds.  Bobby is going to be just fine.

Now there are still about… well five boys who need some work, but one by one we’ll figure out what motivates them and get the behaviors under control.  Today wasn’t perfect, but it was a whole lot better.