Today, while getting dressed for lunch (which, to be clear, is nothing short of an ordeal), Lucas began to get teary… I think he couldn’t find a mitten, hat, or some other snow paraphernalia that most likely got sucked into the black hole that eats all snow gear not held onto tightly in my classroom.  As I bent down to investigate, Felicia, who sits right next to Lucas came over to try and comfort him.

“Don’t cry Lucas, kindergarten is so much better than preschool.” She stated.

“How come?” He asked, forgetting about the lost item and going with her random train of thought.

“Well in preschool, you have to take a really long nap, like forty minutes or something, but here in kindergarten it’s much shorter.” She reasoned.  For the record, we don’t really nap in kindergarten, but have a Quiet Time.

This totally made him feel better, or at least distracted him enough to stop any tears.

So, my preschool friends, there you have it.  Kindergarten is officially better because we take shorter naps.