Here’s the thing… no matter how old I get, I’m still a kid at heart. Yesterday, my co-workers and sprouts made my birthday at school brilliant.  Here’s why:

  • When I arrived, both Mrs. D. and Ms. R. had bags of gifts for me. Seriously, bags full.  I don’t need gifts on my birthday, but who doesn’t love them?
  • With my back turned to the class (I was at my computer doing attendance), Mrs. D. had them all surprise me with a birthday song.  I think I jumped a little.
  • During Morning Meeting, I stood in the middle as the entire class sang our special Birthday Song to me.  We sing this to every sprout on their birthday, but for some reason, singing it to me, was quite hilarious to them and it was filled with extra giggles.
  • When we arrived at the High School for the Kinderconcert, there was nowhere for me to sit with my class.  I ended up sitting alone with Billy and some first graders.  During the show, Billy leaned his head on my shoulder, looked up at me, and said, “I sure love you Mr. _____.”
  • At lunch, Ms. R. made me a Snoopy cake.  Seriously, there was a dog house and Snoopy on top.  I have no idea how she made it, but it both looked and tasted amazing.
  • I received a handful of tiny foam stickers – just what I wanted!
  • Cindy presented me with not one, but three cards.  One from her, one from her sister (who I had last year), and one from her cousin – who was at her house when they were making me cards.
  • Jill walked in and asked, “So is today your birthday?”  When I confirmed it, she proceeded to call me ‘Birthday Boy’ all day long.
  • I got extra ‘birthday’ hugs all day long.  Lots.

During our Sharing at Morning Meeting, I said, “I’m so happy I get to spend my birthday at school with all my friends.”  And I meant it.