Upon our return to school, the big topic of conversation has been Christmas gifts.  Everyone wants to share their favorite gifts and who am I to argue with trying to extend the holiday season?

In any event, today, after having everyone shared their favorites, a few sprouts starting shouting to me, ‘Mr. _______, what was your favorite gift?’

“Well, Santa brought me a new pair of blue sneakers,” I replied as I lifted them up for all to see.

My class knows how I love my sneakers.  I have my green pair, and less splashy grey pair… this new blue pair are quite spiffy and there is nothing more comfy than these Saucony sneakers (no, I don’t have an endorsement deal).

Later this afternoon, Francine called me over to the Mr. Potato Head center…

“Look, I made a Mr. _______ Potato Head!” She cheered as I sat down next to her.

Indeed, he had on glasses and bright blue shoes.  We all laughed at my doppelganger and then tried to make mini Potato versions of each of them. Who knew my shoes would bring so much fun to class?