I don’t care what the Lego company thinks, my girls love Legos… the regular, normal, simple ones.  Today, during Centers, a group of girls were having a blast building, as I sauntered over, I was drawn into their play.

“Mr. ______, look at our school!” Felicia announced.

“Wow, look at that… where are all the kids?” I asked.

“Here, on the bus,” Nicole showed me.

Sure enough, they had made a bus with lots of Lego people on it.

I looked over at the school and noticed it was void of any people.

“What about teachers?  I don’t see any teachers in the school…” I informed them.

With that, they both took the school structure and turned it around revealing a teacher.  A male teacher.

To be clear, there were lots of female Lego people, so naturally, this piqued my interest… of course, before I could comment, Felicia chimed in, “We know boys are good teachers because you’re a teacher.”

“And it wouldn’t be fair if only girls were teachers because that wouldn’t be fair to you,” Nicole added.

Wisdom from kindergartners is awesome.