I’ve written about my school’s breakfast program before.  Well last week, on Thursday, the two wonderful lunch ladies invited my class down to the cafeteria for breakfast on Friday.  Turns out, the entire K-2 was invited (in my small school, that’s only six classes and about 100 kids).  Well sure enough, on Friday we had french toast, eggs, sausage, oatmeal with rasins and brown sugar, milk and juice family style in the cafeteria.  It was, quite simply, awesome.

For Writing Workshop, I decided we should write a thank you note.  We shared the pen and did some interactive writing.  I got them started with the format of a letter and then just asked them what they thought we should write to thank our lunch ladies.  It was a wonderful opportunity to explore word choice as writing the eggs, sausage, french toast, and oatmeal were all ‘good’ didn’t seem right.  We ended up using ‘fantastic’, ‘delicious’, ‘yummy’, and ‘awesome’ and all agreed it sounded much better.

For our closing, I wasn’t sure I would get a powerful closing sentence, but asked anyway, “What should we say to finish our thank you?”

Joey, who struggles with the mechanics of writing, shot his hand up.

When I called on him, he beckoned me to bend over so he could whisper in my ear – something he’s never done before.  The boy is not usually shy.

“We love you lunch ladies,” he whispered.

It was perfect.  I wrote it and then we all signed it and delivered it at lunch.

Joey gets it.  The lunch ladies don’t just cook for my sprouts – they provide nourishment with love and care.  Not one, but two meals a day for every child in the school.  We really do love those lunch ladies.