Day three and things are getting better… slowly.  I seriously forget how challenging the first few days (weeks, months?) can be.  So many of my new friends have no pre-school or daycare experience and they truly have landed on a new planet.  Everyday brings improvements and weekends bring an opportunity to catch up on sleep!

Today, while preparing for a story, Mrs. D., my amazing partner, and I were attempting to prepare the group for the big book.  We reminded friends how to sit and listen politely to a story.  We have a disproportionate number of boys this year (our entire kindergarten class does…) and so trying to separate the boys can be… challenging.  As we usually do, we were praising the children who were sitting still and quiet in hopes that this would snap the ones who weren’t to order.

After a minute or so of trying to begin, with only one friend chatting, Mrs. D., always the bastion of calm, decided to start.

“The name of our story is… Roger, could you please show me your ready?” Mrs. D. said.

Well, another child, quick as a whip retorted, “The name of the story is Roger Could You Please Show Me Your Ready?”

She was not being snarky or silly.  She really thought that was the name of the book.

We both took a really deep breath and began the story.  Take it from me, deep breathes do wonders.