Joey has an older brother.  In fact, his older brother goes to our school.  Sam is in fifth grade so the age difference is pretty big, but the way he takes care of his little brother is something to be admired.

Last week, the book fair started in our school’s library.  The day it began, Sam popped in to see me.

“Hey, Mr. _____, I have some money… can I bring Joey to the book fair this afternoon?” He asked.

After we agreed on a time, he went on his way.

Later that afternoon, right on time, Sam showed up to bring Joey to the book fair.  As they walked down the hallway, Sam took Joey’s hand.  Our school is small and Joey knows where the library is, but brothers can be sweet sometimes.

Afterwards, Joey, in his usual frantic manner, wanted to show me what he’d bought.  The books he’d picked out were surely too difficult for him to read himself, so I asked, “Wow, these look amazing!  Is there someone at home who can read them to you?”

Before Joey could jump in, Sam interjected, “Oh, I try to read to him every night.”

Really?  This was the kind of brotherly love I wanted to promote.

“That’s awesome.  Joey is lucky to have such a great big brother,” I said.

They both flashed the same smile at me and Sam started to walk back to class.

He then turned around and called back to me, “Oh I bought these two posters too.”

In his hands were two rolled up posters and he was raising them to show me.

“One for me and the other for Joey,” he said.

With that, Joey gave me a quick hug and ran back into the classroom.

Sam is a fifth grader and fifth graders are all about trying to be cool.  I admire that he isn’t ever above being kind or loving to his little brother… as I have told him many times, being a good brother is the ultimate in coolness.

Small schools and brothers are an amazing mix.