Today was our Kindergarten Field Day.  Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than field day… and my station?  Bubbles!  All morning long I got to play with kids and bubbles.  The only drawback?  I was ridiculously far away from the Face Painting table and I wasn’t happy about it.  Every year I get my face painted and I wanted a big fat smiley face or an Angry Bird on my cheek… maybe one on each cheek!

Each time the whistle blew to signal it was time to switch stations, I’d jog over quickly and see if there was time for my face to be painted.  There wasn’t.  I didn’t have the heart to push a five-year-old out of the way to get my own face painted and once I was even drafted to paint a face!  The poor kid wanted a dragon which was way beyond my face painting prowess, so I passed him off to another painter and instead was asked by a boy for ‘Red Socks’ – which was simple – two red socks with blue B’s on them.  But back to bubbles…

The bubbles were fun and for the most part, the kids did an awesome job of sharing the wands.  I worked with my dear friend Ms. R. who tried to explain the setup and rules as I ran behind her with a bubble wand making the largest bubbles I could.  She was not amused and I was told, “You’re lucky I love you” more than once… but bubbles just do that to you – they make you jump, cheer, clap, and try to make the biggest, brightest bubble just so you can try to catch and pop it.

Just like that crazy fish in the Dentist’s fish tank in Finding Nemo, I just love my bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!