Today we read Martin’s Big Words.  We then watched a short video of Michael Clarke Duncan reading the book.  My kids were enamored with the images and words from some of Martin Luther King’s biggest speeches and ideas.  What stuck out to them the most?  The violence.

When we finished with the story, I asked if anyone had any questions.

“How did somebody throw a bomb at his house and his brother’s house and not get hurt?” One boy wondered.

I explained they probably lit the bomb, threw it, and ran very fast.  I then commented on how cowardly this was.

“He got shot.  What came out of the gun?” A girl asked.

“A bullet,” I began.

martin l king book 028“It only takes one bullet to kill someone and guns are made for one thing – killing.  That’s why we don’t pretend to use guns at school. It’s not nice to even pretend to want to kill someone,” I finished.

This seemed to make a lot of sense to them.  At least I hope it did.

I know that little boys are fascinated with guns, bombs, war, and just about everything violent.  I keep trying to reiterate the fact that Dr. King fought violence with love, not more violence.  I know their interest in guns won’t go away overnight, but I hope when ideas of guns come up they thing about that one man, that one gun, that one bullet, that took Dr. King’s life.