Today during Writing Workshop we continued working on our small moments stories.  I worked with Derek who came in as a struggling learner… with no preschool and no school experience, he couldn’t even write his name… well wouldn’t you know it, he was one of the first sprouts to finish his book!  I was proud, he was proud, this was definitely one for the win column.

Since he had finished sketching, writing, editing, and illustrating his book, the final detail was to add his title and cover illustration.  I was there to help him decide on a title and get started finishing his cover.

After he settled on a title and we wrote it, I reminded him, “Now you need to let everyone know who wrote and illustrated the book.”

“So, you’d write ‘by’ and then…” I prompted.

He looked at me for a second or two, and then his face lit up like the Fourth of July and he exclaimed, “Derek!”

That moment, when he realized and wrote his own name as the author and illustrator of his first book, that his name would come after the ‘by’, that is what teaching is all about.