Well we started meeting regularly with our third grade Reading Buddies.  Besides the awesome experience my sprouts get from reading one on one with a third grader and getting to visit a third grade classroom, I get to see two of my favorite third grade teachers and friends.

It just so happens, these two amazing ladies decided to team this year and so each week, half of my class goes upstairs to visit them and half of them come down to us.  When it’s my turn to go upstairs, I get to spend a little time in their classroom… it didn’t take me long to discover their candy drawer.

Many teachers have a secret stash of goodies for those stressful moments when you just need a little sugar, but these brazen broads, have an entire DRAWER of candy… and there is nothing secret about it.  Forbidden for students, it’s in one of those clear drawers you can see through from any angle… filled with a smorgasbord of candy.

Well last week, I sat myself down right next to the candy drawer and dug right in.  The thing is so full of candy, you literally have to dig to find the good stuff… which in my case would be peanut butter cups.  Mrs. G. came over to help and found me a few.  She then sat down and joined me for a much needed candy break.

As we sat there whispering as not to disturb our reading cherubs, one of the third graders sitting nearby commented, “Hey no fair, we don’t get any candy.”

To which I shrugged and said, with my mouth full of chocolate, “Only for teachers.”