There’s not a quote I can find to say what I’m feeling, so I’m going to write one myself:

It takes an entire community to care for children… if you see or hear a child in need, take notice, step up, be there, not just for him, but for their teacher too.

Today, I had a situation that sounded scary (it wasn’t), but a child was loud – very loud.  A first grade teacher, who I’m pretty sure was eating her lunch in the teacher’s room, came right down the hallway and into my room to see if I needed any help.  Turns out, I didn’t, but wondering if others had heard this outcry and ignored it, made me so grateful for teachers like her – he wasn’t in her class, he wasn’t even in a common area like the hallway or playground.  She heard a child in need and came running.

So the next time you think another teacher could use a hand – offer it… even if they don’t.  It really does take a village to raise our children.  The moment you walk into a school and call yourself an educator, you owe it to the children – ALL of them – to step up and care.  And to that first grade teacher – we’re lucky to have you at our school.