Look at my happy rainbow!

My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


Unless you teach in Hawaii (and maybe some of you are lucky enough that you do!), chances are, some sort of inclement weather prevents your sprouts from going outside for recess from time to time… some of us have it all – rain, wind, snow, freezing temperatures, and falling frogs from the sky. When kindergartners can’t go outside to burn off some of that energy for days on end, it.. Read More

Product Vs. Process

It’s the title bout of the century.  Which matters more, the end product or the journey taken to get to it?  Over my teaching career, I’ve seen teachers fall squarely into both camps.  When you work with the little ones, it’s even more of an issue… small hands often struggle with tracing, cutting, gluing, and coloring… how important is it for the art project your sprout brings home look perfect?.. Read More

Eye Contact.

It’s a simple thing really… making eye contact with the person you are speaking with is critical to good listening and showing respect, understanding, and interest. Year after year, sprouts funnel into my classroom and have never been taught the importance of eye contact… so I add it to the million other principles I teach. One of the fun ways I’ve found to practice eye contact is for dismissal.  When.. Read More


Last Thursday, I had to leave class for a few hours for a meeting.  While I was gone, they made some super cute scarecrows using different colored shapes.  Each child cut out their shapes and then put the scarecrow together. Finally, they added some real hay to finish the scarecrows off. At the end of the day, after I’d returned and the scarecrows dried, with the entire class gathered, Mrs… Read More

Tunnel Tag.

Two days of rain.  Two days of inside recess.  One of those days with no special.  I’m convinced Mother Nature is a cruel, evil, spiteful lady… Of course, with no recess and no place to take the class, by the end of the day Friday, things were looking grim.  To be clear, in our class we move a LOT. We move, dance, jump, stretch, and bop about every ten minutes.. Read More


I work at a large school.  It’s two floors.  The first floor houses all of the kindergarten and first grades and the second floor is home to all second and third graders.  For the kindergartners, the upstairs is like the forbidden wing of the castle in Beauty in the Beast… do NOT enter! Well as luck would have it, our third grade reading buddies are indeed on the second floor… Read More

No matter what.

As I reflect on this last challenging week, I can’t help but feel hesitantly triumphant.  Life is about overcoming challenges and this year, my class is, well, difficult to say the least.  As teachers, we are constantly reassessing our craft, changing and molding to meet the needs of our sprouts, but sometimes, you feel like the toolbox is running out of tricks. I wrote about this earlier, but the thing is, I’m.. Read More


Well today was better.  Little by little, we are getting some of these boys under control. Yesterday, my friend Bobby had such a hard time he spent his play time in the Rest Stop.  He was NOT happy about it and cried.  This morning, I reminded him about missing his play time and we went over each rule he needed to work on.  I told him how smart he was and.. Read More


Time to get real people. Kindergarten is hard.  If I didn’t think I would get laughed off the island, I would like propose that kindergarten teachers should get an extra stipend for hazard pay.  I know, I know, we choose to teach kindergarten.  And while I do love it more than anything (really, I do, I do, I do!), seriously, it is the hardest job in the world.  Hard.  Difficult… Read More


I love me some puppets.  For whatever reason, they transfix the kids and I just love making them come to life.  With the rowdy group of boys this year, puppets are helping tame the wild beasts during important listening times. My first friend, Eddie the Eagle (yes, I named him) has a critical role.  When we do our letter sound chanting each day (part of The Three Habits of Highly.. Read More