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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


Sometimes your class just doesn’t cooperate. You can ask and ask, try and try, but no matter what you say or do, some days, they just don’t listen. Today, during a working time, after multiple reminders from both Mrs. D. and myself about staying focused and keeping the chatting to a minimum, I brought out the big guns. I brought out… Clifford. Clifford is a red stuffed dog, much like.. Read More

Interview Part Two.

Here’s the second set of questions… these are from a fellow dude. He’s in a teacher preparation program. The questions focus on classroom management and being a male primary school teacher… I’m curious what your feedback might be. Cheers! 7. What type of behavioral management system do you use in your classroom? I use a Responsive Classroom model for management. At the beginning of the year (the first week or.. Read More

Interview Part One.

For some reason, I receive an email, about once a week, from an education student looking to ask me questions for an assignment. Being the sucker I am, I almost always take the bait. Here is the first part of two such ‘interviews’… I liked these questions and though I’d share my answers. 1. Why do people, including you, become teachers? What is probably the best reason for becoming a.. Read More


There’s nothing I love more than giving a complement to a sprout and seeing the pure proud feeling on their face. In our kindergarten class, we’ve been working on manners… it’s not uncommon to hear ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘your welcome’ in the room. Hand a child a paper, and most likely, they’ll thank you. Yes, it’s rather pleasant. The other day, we were announcing the child we’d selected as.. Read More


Today something big happened… I mean really huge. We completed our first sight-word list. Forty words. That’s a lot of words for mid-November in kindergarten. Last year, my class only learned forty words by the end of the school year… this year, thanks to The Three Habits of Highly Successful Reading Teachers (I swear – I don’t get a cut of the sales…), our sprouts have learned that many already.. Read More


When I did my education coursework many years ago (ugh, it wasn’t that long ago…) one of the buzz terms flung about was ‘Multiple Intelligences’ more easily understood as learning styles – apparently every person has multiple ways of accessing their education. Some children prefer to see everything, others need to hear it, still others need to use their hands, etc. You can go a little deeper and say some.. Read More


When non-kindergarten teachers enter my classroom for the first time, one of the first things they notice and comment on are the chairs. Kindergarten chairs are small. Some of them are downright tiny. If you’ve ever seen a four-year-old you’d know why. They don’t take up much room and to sit comfortably, their chairs need to be sized down. In our classroom, we’ve got a mix of chairs, from ones.. Read More