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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


When I taught second grade, my students made a Grateful Book each year. They were truly amazing.  Now in kindergarten, we make a Grateful Placemat with what we’re most grateful (almost always a family member, occasionally a pet, but never toys or material objects).  This year, as we pause to give thanks, I’d like to put it here, in writing, how grateful I am for the blessings I experience each.. Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know, I know, some folks don’t love Valentine’s Day.  For me, in kindergarten anyway, Valentine’s isn’t about romantic love, but all about being a kind and caring friend.  That’s how I present it and they really do love each other and want to show it. We had a hectic, but fun filled day.  I made heart shaped waffles, we sang our Valentine’s Day song a few times and then.. Read More

100th Day!

Well, it really doesn’t get much better than the 100th day in kindergarten. It’s kind of like Christmas, Valentine’s Day (coming Thursday!), and the Fourth of July wrapped into one.  Well, it is in my class anyway.   I used an entire bottle of glitter to make this for the doorway: We sang our hearts out.  We sang the 100th Day song by Jack Hartman and while we didn’t sing.. Read More


Today we read Martin’s Big Words.  We then watched a short video of Michael Clarke Duncan reading the book.  My kids were enamored with the images and words from some of Martin Luther King’s biggest speeches and ideas.  What stuck out to them the most?  The violence. When we finished with the story, I asked if anyone had any questions. “How did somebody throw a bomb at his house and.. Read More

Martin Luther, Baby!

Today we made our Martin Luther King models.  They are so hard, but also so much fun.  I show the kids a finished model and then quickly free cut from construction paper to show them how to make the shapes needed for his face.  I then projected a super size photo onto the SmartBoard for them to look at while they worked. I’m lucky I had a helper from third.. Read More


Yesterday we kicked off our next PBL (Project Based Learning) Project – ‘Peace Week!’  We’re going to study the life of Dr. King and learn why his work was so important to our world and lives today.  Once we learn about his work, we’ll take that knowledge and design a ‘Peace Week’ for our school. Today I read the amazing My First Biography: Marting Luther King, Jr. and before I could even.. Read More

Holiday Gifts.

This holiday season, as I often do, I received many gifts from my sprouts. Apparently, in their little eyes, I love nothing more than Dunkin’ Donuts and scented candles.  Lucky for me, the real gifts are priceless. The gift of children who come in each day with a smile, offer a hug, and are genuinely ready to learn. The gift of a small school where meaningful relationships are built and maintained pre-K through fifth.. Read More

The Season.

I just realized I haven’t made a single post all week.  Surely it isn’t because nothing hilarious, devastating, or poignant happened at school all week.  More likely, it’s just the season.  There seems to be more going on and less time to get things done as the year hurls towards it’s end. Report cards need to be finished.  Gingerbread books need to be read.  Hugs need to be given.  Treats need.. Read More


As I said ‘Goodbye’ to my sprouts today, I got lots of hugs and one friend even asked his mom to bring him back to the classroom to see me one more time. Sigh. There is so much I am thankful for this year and truly feel as if my cup runneth over. I am thankful my students come in everyday eager and ready to learn and when they’re not,.. Read More

Run, Turkey, Run! The play!

Seriously, I don’t get a cut of profits from the sale of Run, Turkey, Run books. It’s just one of those rare books children are taken with – they beg to read it over and over.  This year, my class has asked me to read it so much that they’ve actually almost memorized the entire book word for word.  Which one day last week lead to one of them chirping,.. Read More