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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


On this Mother’s Day, I thought I’d write about the word – ‘Mom’ and what it means. The dictionary defines the word simply as: Noun 1. mom – informal term for a mother – a woman who has given birth to a child. Clearly, all moms haven’t given birth to their own children, but what about, well what about me? I am called ‘mom’ or ‘mommy’ by at least one.. Read More


There’s just no other word for Valentine’s Day in kindergarten. Well maybe chaotic… or crazy… or ridiculous… but for me, ‘whirlwind’ just covers it. From Valentine’s delivery to waiting to open them (I probably heard, “When can we open our Valentines?” about fifty times… and I told them all many times when it would happen…) to the sweets we had (really, it doesn’t get much better than cupcakes with pink.. Read More


All week we’ve been learning about Martin Luther King. Jr.  We’ve read so many books, I am continually amazed at the number of age appropriate books out there about his life and work for kindergarten.  What has happened that is different this year, is, for some reason, while learning about Dr. King, by chance, we’ve also learned about why studying history is so important. Last year, after Dr. King’s birthday,.. Read More

Rise Up people!

I have a new post about Martin Luther King Jr. in the works for the weekend, but I can’t help but share this old one from a few years ago. Each year, when we get ready to learn about Dr. King, I cherish the song we get to sing each day (often, numerous times) to commemorate his life and teachings… what special songs, books, or activities have you done (or will you.. Read More

Happy New Year!

Well, it’s the first day of a new year… I’ve been away for a bit, taking some time to rest, relax, and recuperate from December. I’ve been reading lots of ‘best of’ year end lists… best albums, songs, posts, you name it, I’ve read it.  I didn’t do any kind of year end recap… the way I see it, each day, when I sit down to write and reflect, it’s (usually) a.. Read More

Merry Tidings…

Well, after a busy and, at times, stressful few weeks, I’m finally on vacation… I’m going to try and relax and recharge for the new year.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and gets to spend lots of quality time with family and friends… if you’re able, do me a favor and give your grandmother an extra smooch… trust me, you’ll be glad you did.  


What an awesome day.  Returning after a week away, my sprouts were definitely just as excited to see me as I was them.  In addition to my return, it was our Holiday Party and the enthusiasm was palpable… the fact that Christmas is only a few days away only added to our festiveness.  Donald was first in with his mom carrying treats… he ran, I mean long-lost-dog-running-to-his-owner-he-hasn’t-seen-in-years ran into my.. Read More


I’ve been away from my class for almost an entire week… Spending so much time with my Grandfather, I’ve realized, the comfort I hopefully bring him is the same comfort my sprouts bring me so much of the time.  It’s hard to be sad around smiling kindergartners who hug you more than you ever imagined possible… I’m ready to return. As I head back tomorrow, for our last day before.. Read More


As the holidays approach, we try to be an equal opportunity celebration zone. We’ve been reading and learning lots about Hanukah and Kwanza along with all our Santa and Christmas books.  Today, we read a favorite – Latkes, Latkes Good to Eat by Naomi Howland.  This story about a young lady named Sadie and her mischievous brothers delights children as a magic frying pan causes havoc on the home and eventually the.. Read More

Christmas Countdown.

Today, during Read to Self, Rebecca raised her hand to call me over.  We’re not supposed to talk during Read to Self, but she looked like it was eager… “Mr. ______, what’s the date today?” She asked. I wasn’t sure.  Being out sick yesterday I hadn’t looked at the calendar yet… “I think it’s December twelfth or thirteenth, but I’m not sure… why?” I whispered back. “No reason,” she replied and.. Read More