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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

Cyber Monday?

As the holiday shopping season kicks off, attention has shifted from Black Friday to Cyber Monday… the Monday after Thanksgiving when everyone returns to work and apparently does their holiday shopping online.  As I watched the news today and heard about millions of folks sitting at their computers doing their shopping online while at ‘work’ – I couldn’t help but snicker. CNN even has a poll up on their site.. Read More


Clearly going back to school tomorrow is on my mind… I woke up this morning in the middle of a very odd dream… I dreamt I took my entire class on a field trip to the American Music Awards. Now, I didn’t watch the American Music Awards when they were on a few weeks ago, but I did see many promo commercials for it.  In my dream, we were sitting.. Read More

Thanksgiving Wordle.

It’s become a little tradition for me… I love nothing more than reflection and a good fall colored Wordle is perfect for looking back at what you have to be grateful for. (click to view larger) I have so much to be thankful for… at school, my amazing co-teacher, my friends and co-workers who make me remember what it means to be a teacher, and my sprouts, who help me.. Read More

Turkey Surprise!

Oh the day before a week off (to be clear, I don’t have the week off, but the kids do).  There’s a little crazy excitement in the air and you just can’t quite contain it… Here are the highlights from my last day of Thanksgiving fun: After Quiet Time, when Will woke up from falling asleep he was a little teary.  When I went over and asked him what was.. Read More

Sick Chicken.

Well, apparently all the Vitamin Water and Airborne won’t keep you healthy when you have kindergarteners coughing and sneezing directly on you.  Seriously, with all the lessons on covering our mouths, in the heat of a cough or sneeze, they just sometimes forget… but I digress.  With almost no voice from a rotten sore throat, I took my first sick day today.  Boo-hoo for me.  Anyway, we just finished our.. Read More

Turkey FUN!

Well it begins. The race towards Thanksgiving has begun.  Today we sang Turkey Time (four times) and read Run, Turkey, Run! (three times).  There is just something downright AWESOME about turkeys and Thanksgiving… I hope to share many related stories in the next two weeks leading up to the big day.  For now, get your TURKEY on with this amazing song and book!  


Last week, when we took our field trip to the beach, I sat next to Cindy on the way back. She, like the rest of the sprouts, was tired and quiet from all the sun and salty air. About halfway back to school, she looked up at me and said, “You know, we don’t have school on Monday.” I’m always tickled when kids tell me something I already know and.. Read More


Yesterday was my birthday. I got many gifts and cards from friends, but, not surprisingly, it was the treasures from my sprouts that made my day. As they each arrived I got many ‘Happy Birthday’ shout outs and extra hugs. They really were excited for my big day. As we do for all birthdays we sang our special birthday song, A Cat Hat A Birthday. It’s way more fun than.. Read More


There was some major excitement in class today. No, it’s not our field trip later this week… we’re not having pajama day or a pizza party… we didn’t get a class pet pony… What is it then? Well, tomorrow is my birthday. Yes, you read that correctly, my birthday. For some reason, this year, more than ever, my sprouts are totally freaking out about my birthday. To be fair, I.. Read More


This morning, a leprechaun must have sneaked something into my coffee (perhaps he switched my decaf with regular?)… I was in a cheeky sneaky mood and decided to play a trick on my friends from last year. Armed with shamrock and gold confetti I took off for some first grade classrooms. Without asking, I waltzed in, before the children arrived, and spread a little Irish cheer on tables and carpets… Read More