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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


One of the big Thanksgiving projects we do is making a placemat to bring home. The children color a turkey picture, write about what they are thankful for, and do some patterning on the placemat. It takes several days to complete and then the final product is laminated. It’s quite impressive when complete and it’s a nice keepsake. One afternoon, while working on the turkey color by number page, Michael.. Read More

The Pilgrim’s Ship.

This week kicked off our study of the Pilgrims and Native Americans. I truly adore Thanksgiving… mainly the reflection of gratefulness, but also learning how the Native people welcomed the Pilgrims and taught them how to live and survive in this strange new land. Each day, our goal for the class is small, but meaningful. Today, I wanted my sprouts to understand why the Pilgrims set out for a new.. Read More

Turkey Time!

On Friday afternoon, with two days of rain and no outside recess, we were feeling a little desperate. Five-year-olds need to move, groove, and get some of their pent up energy out. In a last ditch effort, I found Turkey Time on YouTube. On the spot, Mrs. D. and I made up a dance to go along with it. Turkey Time, Turkey Time – make the sign for turkey (the.. Read More


We are lucky enough to have a third grade class come down once a week and read to us. Now because the teacher of this third grade class, I’ll call her Mrs. F., is one of the most amazing, creative, powerful teachers I’ve ever observed, known, and worked with (she’s beautiful too!), last week, she sent Mrs. D. and I an email. Would we like her to work with her.. Read More


Today while washing hands, I overheard (and was subsequently sucked into) and interesting conversation. Billy came up to me and reported, “Mr. A., Charlie pushed me.” Before I even opened my mouth to reply, Charlie interjected, “No I didn’t, No I didn’t, No I didn’t do a thing!” Now I’d seen the push, so at this point, I was fishing for the facts. “Charlie, remember how important being honest is,.. Read More


After recess today, Martin walked in and I became alarmed. He appeared to have either dried blood or mud all over his face. Not just a smattering here and there, I mean his face was covered… After he put his coat away, I called him over. “Martin, are you alright?” I inquired. “Uh-huh,” he replied. “Martin, what’s all over your face buddy? Did you get hurt?” I asked. He looked.. Read More

Horseman Four.

Like many of you, I grew up with The Peanuts. I’m going to go out on a limb here and confess that I slept with a Snoopy stuffed animal until about the fifth grade. After that, he systematically moved from my nightstand to my dresser and finally a shelf… point is, he never left my room. My brother and I always relished the television specials relegated for each holiday. While.. Read More

Halloween Sharing.

Yesterday, during our Morning Meeting, the sharing was almost exclusively about Halloween. This was fully expected. We heard about everyone’s costumes, a few plans for Halloween parties, and even some of the members of trick-or-treating groups. With a holiday like Halloween, this is anticipated. What’s also expected are a few totally random, and quite unexplainable sharing moments. About two-thirds around the circle, after every single sprout had shared at least.. Read More


Oh, Halloween week in kindergarten. The excitement of the impending tricks and treats is palpable. We’ve been hearing a lot, I mean a LOT, about costume ideas, costume purchases, and costume quandaries. An avid lover of all things candy, I also adore Halloween. If we can harness the enthusiasm and channel it into some literacy and math activities, more power to us. Today we read a shared poem about Halloween… Read More