Look at my happy rainbow!

My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


One of my more colorful sprouts from last year, Sonya, is, luckily, right down the hall from me this year. I see her almost daily… she makes a point of it. A few days ago, on the way to her bus line, as I stood in my classroom door, she held up a book, like a trophy and called out to me, “Mr. A. I’m taking this Biscuit book home….. Read More

Interview Part Two.

Here’s the second set of questions… these are from a fellow dude. He’s in a teacher preparation program. The questions focus on classroom management and being a male primary school teacher… I’m curious what your feedback might be. Cheers! 7. What type of behavioral management system do you use in your classroom? I use a Responsive Classroom model for management. At the beginning of the year (the first week or.. Read More

Interview Part One.

For some reason, I receive an email, about once a week, from an education student looking to ask me questions for an assignment. Being the sucker I am, I almost always take the bait. Here is the first part of two such ‘interviews’… I liked these questions and though I’d share my answers. 1. Why do people, including you, become teachers? What is probably the best reason for becoming a.. Read More


I have a confession. On Friday, as I sat in the Rest Stop chair waiting for the last bus group to be called, I actually felt a little pang in my heart. A few moments earlier, Mrs. D. had announced, in the guise of a number story, that we wouldn’t be seeing our sprouts for nine days. As if on cue, the hugs began. These weren’t the usual, ‘see you.. Read More


At bus time today, after about fifty or sixty hugs, the following conversation took place between Luther and myself. Me: I love being a teacher.Luther: Yeah, cause everybody just loves you.Me: Yeah, pretty much.

Mrs. Hashbrown

So far this year, between Mrs. D. and myself, we’ve only been out a total of three days (for various reasons). As luck would have it, we were able to secure the same substitute all three times. She is, I’ll call her Mrs. Hashbrown, well known in our school for her subbing prowess. I was lucky enough to work with her one of those days and she is, quite simply,.. Read More


Each morning, our morning message is a predictable text that children help build (the words are on cards) and then read to the class. They love being a part of the message and when a child hears their name read, their little face just lights up. Today at bus time, Ricky told me how he thought the message should read. (I’ve provided the correct words in parenthesis for you.) Good.. Read More

3 words.

Working with Mrs. D. this year I’ve already learned many things… of all the gifts she’s given me, there’s one that rises to the top. Last year, when I began teaching kindergarten, something happened to me for the first time in my professional career. Students began saying, ‘I love you’ – something most teachers don’t hear unless you work with the real itty bitty ones. Unsure how to reply, I.. Read More


I’ve had a rough few days. Without going into the details, things at work have been stressful. My students, ever the caring loving souls they are, just seemed to know when I needed a hug or smile. Today, as I walked the last bus group out to line up, one little girl said, “Mr. A., it’s a long weekend – you must need extra hugs to get you through until.. Read More