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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

More love.

Like many teachers around the world, last night, I did not sleep well.  Tossing and turning all night, thinking about those kindergarteners, probably much like the ones in my own classroom, I woke up many times with different thoughts. First, I remembered reading about one teacher’s recount of her horrifying moments and how, above all else, she wanted her students to know they were loved. A first grade teacher who.. Read More


Today, as the afternoon started to wind down, Ms. C., my dear ed tech and friend came in with a look on her face that I knew wasn’t good.  Clearly something was wrong.  My students were reading with their third grade buddies as she handed me her phone with the headline of today’s tragedy. As I read the details of the horror that took place in that kindergarten classroom, probably.. Read More

The Season.

I just realized I haven’t made a single post all week.  Surely it isn’t because nothing hilarious, devastating, or poignant happened at school all week.  More likely, it’s just the season.  There seems to be more going on and less time to get things done as the year hurls towards it’s end. Report cards need to be finished.  Gingerbread books need to be read.  Hugs need to be given.  Treats need.. Read More


Oh what a day!  When I got in my car this morning, as I waited a few minutes for my car to warm up (really, how long are you supposed to wait?  I never get past two minutes), I took a sip from my tea (I start the week with tea and am stopping for coffee by Friday) and saw this on the tea bag: This was pretty deep for.. Read More


As I said ‘Goodbye’ to my sprouts today, I got lots of hugs and one friend even asked his mom to bring him back to the classroom to see me one more time. Sigh. There is so much I am thankful for this year and truly feel as if my cup runneth over. I am thankful my students come in everyday eager and ready to learn and when they’re not,.. Read More


How freakin’ lucky am I to teach kindergarten?  My days are long, exhausting, and I wouldn’t change a thing. There are moments that reach out and grab you and remind you that you are so much more than just a ‘teacher’ to these kids.  You are a hero and many days, one of them can be yours. This morning, during breakfast, Collin, who has been struggling with his name since.. Read More


Yesterday was a day.  Before a single child arrived, I felt defeated, deflated, and discouraged.  Without going into details (I don’t want to seem unprofessional), I just felt as if the chips were stacked against me. It was a long day.  Everything that could possibly go wrong seemed to happen.  By lunch, I was too exhausted to eat.  That never happens to me.  I had some popcorn as I tried.. Read More

Velcro boy.

It happens almost every year about this time.  Some little guy (it’s usually a boy, I’m not sure why) decides that a hug now and then just isn’t enough and he proceeds to attach himself to me as close and often as he can.  I call him my ‘Velcro boy’ because he is stuck to my side just about all the time. This year it’s Brian.  He’s never as happy.. Read More


Mostly my days are full of laughter, smiles, and hugs, but every so often something happens that just breaks my heart. Today I had a substitute for the afternoon to do some (pretty amazing) professional work with my K-2 colleagues.  It was my first time out of the classroom and I tried not to make a big deal about it.  After I dropped the kids off for lunch, I nonchalantly told them.. Read More


As I settle into the third week at my new school (Monday will be day 13 to be exact), I’m just overwhelmed at the level of affection and closeness my new sprouts are showering on me.  I’m just amazed at how quickly my new friends are acclimating and viewing school, our classroom, and even perhaps me, as a refuge. Hugs always come in kindergarten, usually one or two kids the.. Read More