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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


Well, two full days with my new sprouts and I’m more certain than ever I was born to teach kindergarten.  Maybe that sounds silly, but it’s just how I feel.  These kids come in, so eager and excited about school and look to me for every cue.  Me.  Who the heck am I to take on such a responsibility? I must confess, during our Open House (two hours when they.. Read More

Why I love it.

As I prepare to start my new job so many emotions are swirling.  While I’m so excited about my new school (really the folks there have been so amazingly welcoming), it’s bittersweet because I’ll be leaving some very dear friends. One of my closest, dearest, friends, Ms. R., gave me a bag of goodies for my new classroom.  In it was the following: One bag of Hershey’s Extra Dark Chocolate.. Read More


It doesn’t happen often, but every once in awhile I’m inspired to write a post because of something I’ve read on another blog.  After reading this amazing post over a Teacher Tom’s blog, my mind couldn’t stop processing.  His post is wonderful and it really got me thinking… so here we are. The basics of Tom’s post is that by building relationships with students (and children in general – including.. Read More


Oh how I love a good email from a reader.  This one really hit home for me as I’m writing and editing the story of my first year in kindergarten and remember these feelings well.  Let me start with the email and then my reply will follow. I’m writing to get your opinion and experience as a 1st, 2nd and 3rd year teacher. What was the start of your teaching.. Read More


Well goodbyes are never easy.  The last day with sprouts is always emotional – for them and me.  They come in bouncing with hugs and gifts and then, at some point during the morning, they realize, it’s almost over. I got many sweet presents.  Lots of pictures, cards, and even some tasty treats.  A set of twins whose sister I had last year gave me some homemade whoopie pies.  I.. Read More


It happens every year.  As the year draws to a close, not only do I begin to get a little emotional about leaving my sprouts, but they do as well.  Yesterday, as I walked my class to Library, Billy took my hand.  This was nothing new, he does it all the time, but yesterday, he also offered commentary. “It’s so good to hold your hand,” he said quietly. “It is,.. Read More


Today at bustime, I was standing by the door with Mrs. D. waiting for the first round to be called.  Susie walked over and asked us, “Wanna see a trick?” “Sure what is it?” Mrs. D. replied. “I can touch my nose with my tongue!” She cheered. “Let’s see,” I prodded her.  This was going to be some trick. With that, Susie stuck her tongue out, reached up with her.. Read More


It’s always hard coming back after a long weekend.  I’m not complaining about the extra day off, it’s more the kids – they’re usually tired from lots of family activities and there are usually lots of sick tummies wanting to be home. As I stood near the door today and the tired bunnies walked in, I tried my best to rouse them from their slumber. “Good Morning!” I greeted each of them… Read More


Here’s the thing… no matter how old I get, I’m still a kid at heart. Yesterday, my co-workers and sprouts made my birthday at school brilliant.  Here’s why: When I arrived, both Mrs. D. and Ms. R. had bags of gifts for me. Seriously, bags full.  I don’t need gifts on my birthday, but who doesn’t love them? With my back turned to the class (I was at my computer.. Read More


On this Mother’s Day, I thought I’d write about the word – ‘Mom’ and what it means. The dictionary defines the word simply as: Noun 1. mom – informal term for a mother – a woman who has given birth to a child. Clearly, all moms haven’t given birth to their own children, but what about, well what about me? I am called ‘mom’ or ‘mommy’ by at least one.. Read More