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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


As we head into the Spring, our assessments are showing a few sprouts really struggling with number identification (especially teen numbers) and certain sight words.  After vacation, Mrs. D. came in with a new game – one I’d never seen used in kindergarten, cup stacking. Now I’ve seen cups stacked as a game, but this was a little different.  Each cup has a number or sight word written on it.. Read More


This afternoon, about twenty minutes before my lunch was over, I wandered up to see my third grade Reading Buddies.  I did this for two reasons: first, I wanted candy and I know Mrs. F. and Mrs. G. have the best candy drawer, second I just wanted to say hello and see what they were up to. Luckily, these teachers welcome others in their room, no matter what they’re doing… Read More

Knowing our sprouts.

We all know the better we know our sprouts, the better we can reach and inspire them.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, there is research on it!  Less testing?  More play?  Getting to know your students and allowing them to work to their own strengths?  Let me repeat – LESS testing. This (short) article really inspired me and I think it just might do the same for you.  Take a minute.. Read More

Double dog dare.

I’ve written about it before. My dear friend, Mrs. F. teaches third grade. I see those big, almost gangly, third graders limbering down the hallway and I know there is a universe between them and my tiny sprouts. Sometimes I forget how challenging the academics can be as the children grow. Yesterday in the teacher’s room, I ran into Mrs. F. at the copy machine. We began chatting about this.. Read More


Ah the internet (or World Wide Web as the local newsman calls it…). I’m never surprised at the amazing networking opportunities it provides. I get tweets and emails weekly from teachers, students, and parents. Usually they are kind comments and questions. Occasionally, I’m asked to read and review a book (who doesn’t love a free book?) – a few weeks ago I got a most unusual email. Rachael Stefanussen, an.. Read More

New Math.

Well it’s been raining all week long here… we haven’t been able to go outside at all and I swear I can see the skin literally crawling on some sprouts… as I drove home today, thankful for a respite for a few days, a math formula popped into my head. Now I teach kindergarten.  We don’t do much algebra, so I have no clue how accurate this is, but here.. Read More


Oh how I love working in a K-3 school… This morning, our math lesson was a dice game where sprouts worked in pairs. Each child got a pair of dice, rolled them, and then had to total their dice. Whoever had the higher number got a chip. There were ten chips in each cup, when all the chips were gone, they were tallied and a winner identified. The tricky part.. Read More


I forgot this funny tidbit from our one-hundredth day… Audra had brought in her collection of marbles to count. She diligently counted and recounted them with no issue. We even gave her a tray to use so they wouldn’t roll around the room. At the end of the day, Audra raised her hand, I walked over and she showed me four loose marbles. “Oh Audra, you better put those with.. Read More

100 ways.

Oh the one hundredth day of school… I try to explain it to my non-teacher friends and they just don’t get it. It’s like Christmas, Valentines, and the Fourth of July all on one day. Maybe it’s something about kindergarten and the fact that it is their first hundred days in school, period… whatever the reason, the exhilaration is palpable. During calendar time, as Jason did the careful work of.. Read More

29 Days.

Wow, this one is interesting. I was quite naive in my early kindergarten days. I’ve learned since that almost every child, no matter what they come in knowing, can meet our benchmarks. Am I an amazing teacher? Not really… the kids are just sponges and they make my job easy. Kind of. Chris is doing well in first grade. I remember fondly how excited I was after this assessment… it’s.. Read More