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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


Oh, the first day.  I’m not even sure what to say except, oh.  Maybe… Oy! Luckily the second day is always better.  Much better.  For me, my first two days were filled with sweet warm moments, the kind that make you remember, even in the chaos, the reason you do this.  An unexpected smile.  A sweet hug a little tighter than you thought such a small child could provide.  New.. Read More


Today during Sharing, Joey decided to tell the class what he was doing over our Spring Break, which doesn’t happen for another week. “I’m going campin’ on the ‘cation,” he blurted out. Now, during Sharing, it’s common for me to comment or ask clarifying questions. “Joey, where are you going camping?” I wondered.  This wasn’t a place I knew. “The ‘cation, I’m going on the ‘cation!” He exclaimed. Baffled. “You.. Read More

Drum set.

We had an assembly today.  It was a good one, but it was on the loooong side. Like over an hour long.  Which is never good for my sprouts.  Sitting more than fifteen minutes is hard.  Well today, to help out, I ended up with a drum set.  Let me explain. If I notice a kid getting restless (usually a boy), I motion for them to come sit next to.. Read More


Yes, you read that correctly, Chickerella.  She showed me just how important and powerful our Fairy Tale unit has been. We started with Cinderella and ready many versions… even Dogerella, but I had never heard of Chickerella.  Until yesterday, when Maria, a little girl who is just learning English, came running over to me during Library.  Waving the book in her hand, her smile was glowing.  She had something to.. Read More


The other day, we were reviewing shapes.  For some reason, most of the shape names aren’t too tricky.  Circle – well we all know that.  Square and Triangle too. Rectangle can be challenging, but a little explanation of the two short and two long sides usually does the trick. It’s the darn Rhombus that gets us every time.  Back when I was a kid, we just called it a ‘diamond’ and that.. Read More

100th Day!

Well, it really doesn’t get much better than the 100th day in kindergarten. It’s kind of like Christmas, Valentine’s Day (coming Thursday!), and the Fourth of July wrapped into one.  Well, it is in my class anyway.   I used an entire bottle of glitter to make this for the doorway: We sang our hearts out.  We sang the 100th Day song by Jack Hartman and while we didn’t sing.. Read More


At bus time (seriously, the best stuff happens at bus time), I was talking with a boy about his plans for Spring Break.  He’s going to Mexico to see some family and we were talking about how he’ll get there (according to him, a plane, a bus, and then a boat).  Well Ernie, always full of hilarity, chimed in with, “Mr. _____, I’ve been to America!” Well who am I.. Read More


Here’s a quickie for you. Today at bus time as all the kids were in the hallway getting ready, I walked out to check on my friends.  I turned towards the kindergarten classroom next door and spotted Mrs. C. – my new kindergarten teaching partner, with something in her mouth.  Somehow, don’t ask me how, I knew it was something good. Walking towards her I whispered, “What are you eating?”.. Read More

Free Hugs

I have a ‘Free Hugs’ t-shirt and wore it to school a few weeks ago.  I didn’t think much of it.  My class loved it and over this last week, a few of them have been asking me to wear it again.  Yesterday, one little boy came out and just said, “Mr. ______, please wear the ‘free hugs’ shirt!” So today, I wore it. This morning, as they unwrapped themselves from winter.. Read More

Martin Luther, Baby!

Today we made our Martin Luther King models.  They are so hard, but also so much fun.  I show the kids a finished model and then quickly free cut from construction paper to show them how to make the shapes needed for his face.  I then projected a super size photo onto the SmartBoard for them to look at while they worked. I’m lucky I had a helper from third.. Read More