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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

Ms. C.

From time to time, I’ve written about Ms. C. – the amazing Ray of Sunshine (Ed Tech) who peppers herself into my room from time to time, but I’ve never really given her the starring role in a post she deserves. When I first met Ms. C. last summer on the first day of school, she didn’t make the best impression on me.  Her first words to me were something.. Read More


This is our last week before Spring Break… it’s never easy when vacation looms, but this week is extra hard for me… two of my favorite ladies are going to be heading out for maternity leave. I know, I know, bringing babies into the world is serious business, but I don’t mind saying I’m being a little selfish in saying I’m going to miss them both terribly. I’ve written about.. Read More


A few years ago, when I taught second grade, I discovered an amazing piece of software called Stationery Studio by Fablevision.  This writing software allows teachers to create customized writing paper by modifying the layout, lines, and design.  You can even type text to begin a prompt and it allows you to use a traceable font too.  It’s pretty awesome. When I bought the software, I signed up to be on.. Read More


Today during Writing Workshop, I worked with Sophia.  She came in a struggling learner and has made slow progress.  We’ve worried about her and have had her parents working with her on some of the concepts she’s had trouble with – with limited success. As I helped her with her writing, I got quite a shock. “What’s the next word in your sentence?” I asked. “My grampy and me made a.. Read More


Yesterday, as happens from time to time, there was a missed pickup of a student who needed to go for special services.  We were out at Reading Buddies and missed  his pickup by minutes… so I walked him down while Mrs. D. read a story to the rest of the group.  I also informed her I needed to use the boys room before returning. After dropping him off, I turned.. Read More


I have a confession… I am prone to going overboard.  I know, shocking. Anyway, here goes… in my entire teaching career, I’ve never been able to have a real party with my class… you know with cookies, cupcakes, and cake. Year after year, I’ve had at least one (if not many) sprouts with food allergies.  So the parties have been mostly food free.  Oh sure, from time to time, we’ve.. Read More


I’ve written about it before, but like a fine wine, or perhaps a fine cheese, The Farmer In The Dell just keeps getting better.  About a week or so ago, when we began talking about farms, I couldn’t find the track we’d always used.  In desperation, I located a different version of the song on a CD of children’s songs.  We played it and by the end, the look of disappointment on.. Read More


Last Thursday, I had to leave class for a few hours for a meeting.  While I was gone, they made some super cute scarecrows using different colored shapes.  Each child cut out their shapes and then put the scarecrow together. Finally, they added some real hay to finish the scarecrows off. At the end of the day, after I’d returned and the scarecrows dried, with the entire class gathered, Mrs… Read More

Giggle Fit.

Let’s be clear about something right away… it was ME having the giggle fit, not a sprout.  Now that I’ve got that out of the way, here’s what happened. The class had just returned from Art.  We were all gathered on the carpet for a story.  It was a big book – my favorite kind because Mrs. D. and I read them together. I read the title of the story.. Read More

Tunnel Tag.

Two days of rain.  Two days of inside recess.  One of those days with no special.  I’m convinced Mother Nature is a cruel, evil, spiteful lady… Of course, with no recess and no place to take the class, by the end of the day Friday, things were looking grim.  To be clear, in our class we move a LOT. We move, dance, jump, stretch, and bop about every ten minutes.. Read More