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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

No matter what.

As I reflect on this last challenging week, I can’t help but feel hesitantly triumphant.  Life is about overcoming challenges and this year, my class is, well, difficult to say the least.  As teachers, we are constantly reassessing our craft, changing and molding to meet the needs of our sprouts, but sometimes, you feel like the toolbox is running out of tricks. I wrote about this earlier, but the thing is, I’m.. Read More


I love me some puppets.  For whatever reason, they transfix the kids and I just love making them come to life.  With the rowdy group of boys this year, puppets are helping tame the wild beasts during important listening times. My first friend, Eddie the Eagle (yes, I named him) has a critical role.  When we do our letter sound chanting each day (part of The Three Habits of Highly.. Read More


Today, as we walked outside for recess, Lorenzo, our line leader, whispered, “Mrs. ______ can I tell you something?”  Yes, he still calls me ‘Mrs.’ and it hasn’t gotten to me yet. Now, we’re supposed to be silent in the hallways.  It’s not an easy feat for kindergartners.  Dare I say, it can be impossible, but we do our best.  Normally, I would shake my head ‘no’ and keep walking,.. Read More


Oh, I love the innocence of kindergartners.  On the first day, when you tell them how excited mom and dad will be to see their picture and one of them shouts out, “No, my dad’s in jail!” you just have to smile. Yesterday, after asking a question and calling on a little girl (really, they all raise their hands before even thinking about an answer at this point), to fill some.. Read More


Day three and things are getting better… slowly.  I seriously forget how challenging the first few days (weeks, months?) can be.  So many of my new friends have no pre-school or daycare experience and they truly have landed on a new planet.  Everyday brings improvements and weekends bring an opportunity to catch up on sleep! Today, while preparing for a story, Mrs. D., my amazing partner, and I were attempting.. Read More

Day One.

Day One.  Captain’s Log entry.  Stardate 65167.5 (9.1.2011). The natives are strange.  Somehow, this year, there is a disproportionate amount of males.  The males of the species known as ‘kindergartners’ are usually less developed than their female counterparts.  Working with my co-pilot, together we have twenty males.  Twenty.  Being a male myself I understand where many of these creatures are coming from, but still struggle to contain their… male energy… Read More


So, if I go into my classroom tomorrow to start getting ready, does that mean summer is officially over?  Ugh. My classroom was tiled this summer, so everything was gutted and placed in the hallway and is in a large pile in the center of the room right now.  Maybe I’ll take a picture of the heap of stuff. Luckily for me, I don’t have to tackle it alone.  My.. Read More

Fall Preview.

Well, all of the major networks are rolling out their Fall lineups, trying to get folks excited about the new and returning shows (for my personal taste, a little less reality and little more comedy), so I figure, why not me as well.  I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve and I love giving a little teaser. First of all, what do you think of the new look?  I.. Read More

Graduation Reflections.

Yesterday was our kindergarten graduation. Always a bittersweet day, here some highlights. There’s nothing much cuter than new dresses and new dress shirts on kindergartners. Practicing our songs in the morning, a certain kindergarten teacher had a mini panic attack when the entire class forgot the second verse of ‘Rags’ – a song we’ve sung all year long. When you realize that every other class is having some sort of.. Read More


This morning, in the quiet hubbub of arrival time, Penny came up to me with her hand out, holding something precious. “Mr. ______, the back of my earring fell off,” she said. Uh-oh. Another area of expertise I’m quite lacking in. The last time I tried to fix Nicole’s hair, she looked like she took a very long ride in a convertible on a windy day. “Um, hold on a.. Read More