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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

Evelyn and Jason.

We all know the drill. The sprouts with the highest academic and behavior needs get the higher percentage of our attention… day in and day out. Is it fair? Absolutely not. Unfortunately, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles and there’s not much you can do about it. Lucky for me, with a team teaching situation this year, I’m finding I can give more attention to all children, regardless of.. Read More


With two teachers and double the number of kids, walking in line in the hallway has become an art form. Usually one of us takes the front and the other the back. It works well because between the two of us, we can see almost the entire line. Today, as I waited to take my place at the end of our line to head out for recess, the kids walked.. Read More

The Big Show.

I love spring student led conferences. It’s what I affectionately like to call, ‘The Big Show’ because it takes us weeks to prepare and practice for the day. In addition to getting all our materials together (it’s a long extensive list of items, including work from the first day of school to compare against recent work and entire Goldilocks and the Three Bears setting and puppets for retelling), we have.. Read More


This week we started a mini-unit on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We’re reading as many versions of the story as we can and making our own storyboard and stick puppets to practice retelling. Our student led conferences are at the end of the month and each child retelling Goldilocks to their parents is the pièce de résistance of the day. I did this last year and read many, many.. Read More


Today, after reading Iza Trapani’s I’m a Little Teapot (we’re having a read aloud with her tomorrow via Skyle… SO cool), Mrs. D. showed the class the music she put on the last page of the book. “If we had a musical instrument and someone knew how to play, we could play the notes to the song,” she explained. “If we only had a piano, I could play it for.. Read More

100 ways.

Oh the one hundredth day of school… I try to explain it to my non-teacher friends and they just don’t get it. It’s like Christmas, Valentines, and the Fourth of July all on one day. Maybe it’s something about kindergarten and the fact that it is their first hundred days in school, period… whatever the reason, the exhilaration is palpable. During calendar time, as Jason did the careful work of.. Read More


This morning, as I was driving into work after eleven days away (our winter break plus a few tacked on days for snow), I had a revelation. As I was driving up a steep hill, something hit me… the sun. It was rising over a mountain and splashed across my face. I wasn’t driving to work in the dark anymore and somehow I knew this was a fantastic way to.. Read More


Today I received the following email from a fellow kindergarten teacher: This past week, I’ve become more and more frustrated with myself and the students over the dreaded, “talking.” My lessons are teacher guided but always student driven. Therefore, I take great pride in knowing each of my students interest and I tailor our lessons around them. The students share prior knowledge on out topics so that we have a.. Read More


Today at Choice time, Mrs. D. called me over. “Between Note to a Friend, Writing Workshop, Computers, and Library over half the class chose academic centers,” she said. We’d opened Gears, Lego’s, and a few other centers, but they just wanted to engage in literacy activities. They crave it. They also know we spend most of our time during centers helping friends with reading and writing. I sat with one.. Read More


Often, during our Quite Time, kids come up to have a shoe tied, offer a hug, or whisper something. Our rules are simple and clear – no talking. We use lots of sign language in our room, and kids are allowed to sign to each other or even us. Today, during our rest time, David walked up to me and began waving his arms. We always play some peaceful music.. Read More