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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


Today, as Mrs. D. read Splat the Cat, I sat next to Richard who was simply tickled pink each time the teacher’s name was spoken. For those not familiar with the story, her name is Mrs. Wimpydimple – a seriously funny moniker. I can’t explain why the sound of her name was so hilarious to Richard, but watching him crack a smile and attempting (rather unsuccessfully) to suppress giggles each.. Read More


Lately, during calendar time, Mrs. D. and I have been trying to let the calendar helper do as much of the work independently as they feel comfortable doing. Most kids who have been listening and paying attention know what to do, but it’s a little overwhelming standing in front of the entire group with the proverbial spotlight shining on you, so one of us usually hangs back to assist. Today.. Read More


There’s nothing I love more than giving a complement to a sprout and seeing the pure proud feeling on their face. In our kindergarten class, we’ve been working on manners… it’s not uncommon to hear ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘your welcome’ in the room. Hand a child a paper, and most likely, they’ll thank you. Yes, it’s rather pleasant. The other day, we were announcing the child we’d selected as.. Read More


Yesterday afternoon and evening, we had the first half of our parent conferences. Whoever thought teaching all day long and then staying into the evening to meet with parents was a good idea has never spent much time with a group of kindergartners… just sayin’. As the early evening approached, a parent arrived for her conference. As she walked in, she had one of those little cardboard coffee carriers you.. Read More


One of the most popular centers is Read the Room. A group of sprouts take pointers (we’ve got some really FUN ones too, try offering Pokémon pointers to kindergartners and see how fast they jump to read) and read letters, names, words, numbers, whatever around the room. Today during centers, as I walked by a group of girls reading, I overheard the following: “Ok, you’re Mrs. D. and I’m Mr… Read More


We are lucky enough to have a third grade class come down once a week and read to us. Now because the teacher of this third grade class, I’ll call her Mrs. F., is one of the most amazing, creative, powerful teachers I’ve ever observed, known, and worked with (she’s beautiful too!), last week, she sent Mrs. D. and I an email. Would we like her to work with her.. Read More


A few times a week, we are lucky enough to split our sprouts into two groups for specials. The first group we keep needs some extra help with letter identification and sounds and so we do interventions and activities to help support their needs. Today, during our time together, I was feeling a little tired. It was nothing to do with school, it was just one of those days. I.. Read More


A few days ago, at bus time, I had walked over to my computer to put my keys down from recess and saw an email that annoyed me. Without going into details, I wasn’t happy. As I walked over to the last group of kids lined up to head home, I let Mrs. D. know how angry I was. To be clear, I didn’t use any profanity. I didn’t use.. Read More


Yesterday I wrote about our adjective lesson with pumpkins. One of the sprouts I visited to help with his descriptive word was Billy. As I squatted down next to Billy’s seat, I glanced at his pumpkin… it was a big ol’ mess of a scribbles, so I wasn’t quite sure how he was going to describe his pumpkin. “Billy, what adjective do you want to write for your pumpkin?” I.. Read More