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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

Free Lunch

Lately, there have been some comments, jokes, and other shenanigans going around about the idea of ‘free lunch’ in schools.  I’m going to refrain from referencing specific political figures, but I am going to write a little about the idea of ‘free lunch’ in schools.  In my experience, hungry children are no laughing matter. As we all know, there are many diverse student populations.  While many of us are lucky enough.. Read More


I’ve written about hugs many times before.  Too many to count really, but in my new position, working with K-5 teachers, I’ve recently discovered the amazing stuff that is ‘the 4th-grade hug’. After being out for a few weeks for a medical issue and the Thanksgiving holiday, I returned to my K-5 school and many kids were delighted to see me and welcome me back.  As I was chatting with.. Read More


This morning I received a sweet message from a follower on my Facebook page.  This lovely lady reached out to make sure I was doing ok.  She mentioned how often I used to post and how infrequently I now post, and wanted to make sure all was good.  So, here I am, feeling a tad guilty about my lack of posting and hoping to restart, even if with less frequency… Read More

Poetry Friday!

Today, I finished a seven-day long writing class through The National Writing Project.  It was exhausting, but fruitful.  One of my goals was to work on poetry and I thought I’d share one here: The bucket The hose wraps around the car      like a snake fleeing sounds of summer.   Daddy holds the end of it, filling the bucket, rinsing soap      off every inch of metal… Read More

{sol16} Record. #sol16

  Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and the kindergarten teacher at one of the school’s I work pulled out all the stops.  For a fun motor break, she gave each student a gold coin and then had them walk in a circle and if they got ‘caught’ in a leprechaun trap (a hula hoop) they had to put their gold coin in the pot (she quickly gave them a new.. Read More

{sol16} Flat. #sol16

I was positive a very loud motorcycle was following me.  For days.  It was the summer after moving to Maine and I had only learned to drive a few months prior in Chicago.  A city boy at heart, public transportation (and taxis) had always been my main mode of getting from point A to point B.  With my impending move to Maine, securing a driver’s license was essential. A gruff.. Read More

Fans. (Slice of Life 8.18.15)

It has been hot and humid lately.  Really sticky.  Today, most of us have air conditioners to help manage the days when it feels too uncomfortable to move, like walking through pea soup, but I remember, fondly, the days when a good fan was all you had at your disposal. One summer, I was spending time at my aunt’s house and I remember, quite vividly sharing both a sofa and.. Read More

A New Journey…

After almost ten years in the classroom, this fall, I’ll begin a new journey as a K-5 Literacy Strategist.  Like the best adventures, this one happened by accident, with the opportunity stumbling in front of me.  Working as a Literacy Coach has always been a dream of mine, something I thought I’d do ‘one day’, but never quite sure when that day would arrive. Well, the time has come for.. Read More