Yesterday, as happens from time to time, there was a missed pickup of a student who needed to go for special services.  We were out at Reading Buddies and missed  his pickup by minutes… so I walked him down while Mrs. D. read a story to the rest of the group.  I also informed her I needed to use the boys room before returning.

After dropping him off, I turned to see some friends from last year waving frantically at me… the classroom was right across from a first grade room, so naturally I had to go in and say hello.  Luckily, the teacher didn’t mind me interrupting her lesson to say a few quick hellos and hear how well they were all doing.

At this point, as I left the classroom, I realized, poor Mrs. D. was waiting for me to return… I was on the other side of the school and still needed to use the boys room before returning… looking around and seeing no witnesses, I started a quick sprint towards the teacher’s room.

About halfway down the hallway, I was stopped by the sound of shouting.

“Mr. _______, you know you can’t run in the hallways!”

I turned around to see two girls who had appeared from a stairwell and caught me.  Oooops.

“Well, when you’re a teacher, sometimes you have to be places fast,” was all I could muster.

Hopefully they won’t report me to the authorities.