Today something big happened… I mean really huge. We completed our first sight-word list. Forty words. That’s a lot of words for mid-November in kindergarten. Last year, my class only learned forty words by the end of the school year… this year, thanks to The Three Habits of Highly Successful Reading Teachers (I swear – I don’t get a cut of the sales…), our sprouts have learned that many already and we’re not done… we’ve got an entire new list of words to begin soon.

As part of our celebration, Mrs. D. and I decided to whip out the ol’ Pajama Day card. Oh yes, like a master poker playing saving his ace, the Pajama Day announcement is a sight to behold.

Picture in your head announcing to a group of kindergartners you are taking them all to Disney World. There will be candy, soda, and lots of cartoons on the plane ride there. Children will have Mickey Mouse (or their favorite character) as their personal tour guide for the visit.

That’s the reaction we got just from announcing our Pajama Day… a day where you… where your pajamas to school.

Oh how I love kindergarten.