As some of you may know, I have some big changes up ahead.  I’ve taken a new teaching position closer to my home.  I’m still teaching kindergarten – really, I can’t imagine teaching anything else.  There are other reasons for this change, but in the interest of keeping positive, let’s just say it was to be closer to home and leave it at that.

My new school is also much smaller.  There are only two kindergarten classes. There are also some other exciting initiatives and new ideas the principal as implemented. I can’t wait to share as I become more familiar with them.

Now the bad news.  While I’m not leaving the blog, I do imagine, at least the first few months, I’ll be scaling back on the posts.  With a new school comes a slew of new routines and changes for me and I’m going to try and focus my energy on making my transition as smooth as possible… and making kindergarten the best experience for my new crop of spouts.

So please be patient with me.  I will be writing, reflecting, and sharing.  It just might be in smaller doses and a little less frequently.