Brian was calendar helper today.  This isn’t really big news, except Brian is one charming fella.  He has a way with the ladies and takes to winking and hugging whenever he can.  A lunch aide recently told me he told her the day he met her was the ‘best of his entire life’… that’s saying something for a five-year-old.

In any event, as Brian stood in front of the class getting ready to record the weather, a few friends starting chatting.  Snow is coming and this is always reason for a little craziness.  Ever the gentleman, Brian began complimenting friends who were sitting quietly and patiently.

“Thank you for being spectufl, Jerry,” he began.

“Cindi, you are being so quiet, thank you,” he continued.

“Boys and girls, I’ll wait until you’re ready,” he warned… hmm, that sounded familiar.

“Brian, have you ever thought of being a kindergarten teacher?” I asked him.

“Why yes!” He exclaimed.  Of course he had.

“You’d be a good one,” I finished and then moved him along with calendar.

We all could use a little more charming in our life.