I’ve written about it before, but like a fine wine, or perhaps a fine cheese, The Farmer In The Dell just keeps getting better.  About a week or so ago, when we began talking about farms, I couldn’t find the track we’d always used.  In desperation, I located a different version of the song on a CD of children’s songs.  We played it and by the end, the look of disappointment on my face was overwhelming.

After the cat took the rat, the song ended.  The rat didn’t get the cheese and the cheese didn’t stand alone… the horror!

“Oh it’s the PC version I guess,” Mrs. D. commented.

I hadn’t a clue what she meant, but with a heavy heart, we moved along.

Today, knowing I wanted the original version we’d always used, with the cheese intact, I spent a few minutes locating the lost song.  As we stood in a circle and began, I whispered to Mrs. D., “Why is the cheese standing alone not considered politically correct?”

“The cheese stands alone – who wants to be stinky cheese?” She replied.

I honestly never thought of it like that… to me, standing in the center with your friends in a circle around you clapping seemed amazing… All my sprouts seemed to concur… there was nothing stinky about it!

So, we sang the original version and each time some was selected to be the cheese, they had a giant smile on… including me!