Yes, you read that correctly, Chickerella.  She showed me just how important and powerful our Fairy Tale unit has been.

We started with Cinderella and ready many versions… even Dogerella, but I had never heard of Chickerella.  Until yesterday, when Maria, a little girl who is just learning English, came running over to me during Library.  Waving the book in her hand, her smile was glowing.  She had something to show me and it was clearly important.

When she arrived next to me, she said, “Look!”

chickerellaMaria started kindergarten with almost no English and her acquisition has been slower than some of her peers. She is a good student who tries really hard and something about Cinderella just struck a chord with her.

When we watched the movie version to compare to the books, she was positively beaming.  Clearly she’d never seen it before and after talking with her cousin in first grade, I learned the family doesn’t even own a television.  Watching Cinderella, on the large SmartBoard screen was a totally new experience for her.

Back to Chickerella.  Without being able to read, she knew this was a familiar story.  Together we flipped through the book and she told me the words she remembered and knew from the story: Cinderella, Prince, Stepmother, Fairy Godmother, Ball, and Slipper were all in her repertoire.  Now in all our work, I’d never heard her say these words, in fact, come to think of it, I dont’ think I’d heard her talk so much all year.  Chickerella just brought it out.

She was so excited to check the book out and I encouraged her to retell the story to her family at home.  I also told her when she brings the book back, before we return it to the Library, I’ll share it with the class.

Chickerella – thank you.