Yesterday was the tenth day of school for my sprouts.  We’ve been tracking the days in school religiously.  We write the number and create a number line and we count straws.  Unbeknownst to them, when you have ten straws in the ones pocket, you can’t keep them there.  They’ve got to go.  To make this a little more memorable, fun, and really, to allow me a chance to ham it up a bit, a special visitor comes out every time we collect ten straws.

Chippy is a little chipmunk who just LOVES the number ten, counting by tens, and anything related to ten.  Why a chipmunk?  I have no idea, but the kids never seem to question it.  Why does he love ten?  Not a clue either, but each time we collect ten and he comes dancing out – yes he’s a dancing chipmunk, the kids go nuts.  Get it nuts… chipmunk.  Work with me here.

After Chippy helps the Calendar Helper with the straws, he usually does a little dance, does a little cheer, and then plays with the hair of the Calendar Helper before hiding away until we collect another ten straws.  Oh, Chippy is one happy chipmunk.  I mean just look at him.

His hands are perpetually in the up position as if he was frozen in time waiting for a cheer. When I pointed this out to Mrs. D., she giggled in a way I hadn’t seen before… Chippy has that affect on people.

I’m not sure why kindergartners love puppets so much, but the truth is, I love them too.  I’ve got a gaggle of puppets and they come out to visit and help with our learning all the time.  Chippy just looks the happiest, even without my hand up his bum.