Today, during Read to Self, Rebecca raised her hand to call me over.  We’re not supposed to talk during Read to Self, but she looked like it was eager…

“Mr. ______, what’s the date today?” She asked.

I wasn’t sure.  Being out sick yesterday I hadn’t looked at the calendar yet…

“I think it’s December twelfth or thirteenth, but I’m not sure… why?” I whispered back.

“No reason,” she replied and went back to her reading.

Later that morning, during Calendar, we discovered it was actually the thirteenth… I couldn’t resist asking Rebecca why she wanted to know.

“I was trying to figure out how many days until Christmas,” she smiled back.

Of course, this provoked a group counting of days left until Christmas.  I’m not sure how productive this is to keeping the class calm and steady as we approach the arrival of the big guy (Santa), but they say you have to meet your students where they are and, for now, Counting down to Christmas is exactly where they are.