Well, here’s the thing about kindergarten screening… you do the same thing ALL DAY LONG.  In my case, for two days.  Now I understand this is a necessary evil, but I became a kindergarten teacher so I wouldn’t have to do the same thing all day long… it just doesn’t mesh well with my personality.

I am administering the Motor Section of the test, which means I get to throw, hop, jump, skip, and play with blocks with the kids all day long.  After what feels like the four millionth time you’ve done something though, it can be hard to muster up the same enthusiasm you did the first few times… here’s what makes it all better – clapping!

Yes, the kids literally clap for me.  When I announce, “We’re going to play a game!” – the clapping starts.  Now, of course, it’s not really a game, it’s a test, disguised as a game.  When I stand on one foot for ten seconds and then say, “Now you get to try it!” – more clapping.  Each time I introduce a new activity, there is clapping.

And for me, with what feels like must be enormous bags under my eyes, an aching back, and the beginnings of a headache, clapping makes almost everything better.