As many of you know – my poor site has come under attack lately by something called ‘malware’.  I had no idea what this was and I’m still not entirely sure, but it meant my site wasn’t ‘safe’ or ‘clean’ and you could possibly get an infection from it… well not you, but your computer.

As luck would have it, I have a friend who does this sort of thing (website management and programming) for a living.  After a few weeks of having him clean it up, only to have it reinfected, I finally had him takeover and so far (fingers crossed) it seems to be staying clean.

Now I have no clue who would want to infect my sweet little blog about being a kindergarten teacher.  Seriously hackers – wouldn’t some big news site be a little more advantageous to you?  Well hopefully whatever my friend is doing (Chris – you rock!) is keeping the icky sticky meanies at bay.

If you’ve been kept away, I hope you’ll come back.  My class is so amazing this year – they are really challenging me in ways that I love.  I feel I’m becoming a better teacher and I only have them to thank.  I’m looking forward to sharing more ideas and stories with you.