Yesterday morning we had to walk over to the high school to rehearse for our Kindergarten Concert.  Seriously, does it get any holier than the annual Spring Kindergarten Concert?  Sprouts all decked out in dresses and shirts and ties – does it get any more precious?  But I digress…

In the morning, as we were leaving the high school, I stood in the back with a group of friends.  They noticed the high school kids and this spurred a conversation.

“You know, Mr. ______, after high school, these kids will goto college,” Will shared.

“You’re right… and someday you will go to college too,” I replied.

“College is hard,” Patti added.

“I know, I went to college, but you’re all so smart,” I said.

“I don’t know… there are no toys in college,” Kevin added.

“This is true, there aren’t many toys in college,” I stated.

This killed our college conversation.

So there you have it.  The wisdom of kindergartners.

College is hard and there are no toys.