As the holiday shopping season kicks off, attention has shifted from Black Friday to Cyber Monday… the Monday after Thanksgiving when everyone returns to work and apparently does their holiday shopping online.  As I watched the news today and heard about millions of folks sitting at their computers doing their shopping online while at ‘work’ – I couldn’t help but snicker.

CNN even has a poll up on their site asking, ‘Do you plan to shop online while at work on Cyber Monday?’  Seriously, have you even been in a kindergarten classroom?  Not only will I not be shopping online, most likely I won’t be checking any emails from co-workers or parents, or doing much of anything else on my computer or anywhere near my desk until the kids leave… after that, I’ll dust myself off, take a few deep breaths, and head home and prepare to return the next day to do it all again.

Shopping online while at work?  I guess us teachers don’t know what hard work is… you know, because we actually have to WORK while at work.