Day One.  Captain’s Log entry.  Stardate 65167.5 (9.1.2011).

The natives are strange.  Somehow, this year, there is a disproportionate amount of males.  The males of the species known as ‘kindergartners’ are usually less developed than their female counterparts.  Working with my co-pilot, together we have twenty males.  Twenty.  Being a male myself I understand where many of these creatures are coming from, but still struggle to contain their… male energy.

As they entered the atmosphere, many came in with smiles and looked genuinely excited to be in this new land.  Only one needed the escort of another crewmember from her craft known as a ‘bus’, but she soon calmed down and was smiling at me, her new leader.

One male looked like he had entered the deepest dark hole on the farthest end of our universe.  He spent most of the day in a haze.  Clearly overwhelmed by his new adventure, he became increasingly exhausted as the day progressed.  By the end of our first mission together, as he stood ready to board his craft to return to his home planet, he began dozing off… standing up.  I had to take his hand to guide him to safely onto the giant yellow creature that would carry him home.  As I guided him for his trip home, he hugged me.  We both needed it.

As the last of this new batch of sprouts left, I walked over to the watering device in the vicinity and let the cold water run as I splashed my face.  I was sweating for sure.  Was my group of recruits this wild at the start of our journey together last year?  Honestly, I can’t remember, but I’m guessing yes.  This captain has his work cut out for him for sure, but like any good leader, I take the challenge on willingly.  I know the risks and the rewards.

This is the Captain signing off… until Day Two.