The creative juices are flowing in my classroom.  Turbo charged.  It’s something to behold.

This morning, we started by working in three small groups.  With an adult to guide each group (and my wonderful Ed Tech Ms. C. to guide me), each group worked to make physical body sculptures of things from the Goldilocks and the Three Bears (a forest, a table, a bowl, a chair, a bed, and the cabin). After about fifteen minutes of this warm-up, we dove into our writing activity.

Using the wordless picture book, Deep in the Forest, we wrote the story to go with the illustrations.  I partnered up the class, having stronger writers work with those needing more support.  Each pair had a picture to investigate, discuss, and come up with a plan for writing.  I was blown away at the vigor they used to attack the assignment.  Some groups finished and took another to write.

It was messy, loud, and to the uninitiated, may have sounded a little scattered, but it was a workshop.  A Writer’s Workshop, with important work going on.

I took the illustrations and their writing and created a Story Walk in the hallway at their level so they (and hopefully other kids) can enjoy it.  Their enthusiasm, teamwork, and courage energized and inspired me for the rest of the day.