Oh kindergartners.  They’re innocence is never lost on me.  Today, as I was finishing up some assessments for report cards, I heard, not one, not two, but three friends say the same curse word.  Let me explain.

I was doing a blending assessment.  I give the sprout the word, separated into individual sounds and they listen and then blend the word for me.  If I said, /C/, /A/, /T/, they would (hopefully) reply, ‘Cat’!

Well for some kids this is tricky.  Some just give me the first sound.  Others just give me the last sound.  Some give me a different word that begins with the ending sound.

When I got to /D/, /I/, /SH/ (dish), three different boys (all boys, no girls) said, well it started with /SH/ and rhymed with ‘mit’.

Now one boy had no clue he has just used foul language.  I smirked a little, but was able to keep my laughter inside.

The other said the word and then about two seconds later covered his mouth.  I told him it was O.K. since he didn’t mean to say it.

The last boy, Brian, said the word, turned beat red, and then shouted, “That is a BAD word… I know it because my dad says it all the time.”

We giggled about it and I let him take a break until his skin wasn’t red anymore and he seemed to calm down.  He was able to get the rest of them, but something about ‘dish’ is just tricky… and not in a good way.