One of the things I love most about teaching kindergarten is the spontaneous nature of five-year-olds… and, well, me.  My brain works at a speed so fast, sometimes thoughts pass me by without ever truly garnering the attention they deserve.  Every once in awhile, one pops out of my mouth – and is a good one.  This week, I created a new positive behavior motivator… The DJ.

I love using music in my classroom.  We really do sing and dance all day long. It keeps us moving, but more importantly it’s fun.  I also always tell my sprouts, ‘Learn the song, learn the skill.’  We are learning through music and I want them to know it’s more than just fun and games – although sometimes we do just sing and dance for the release.

By the fifth day of school, my class had learned at least ten new songs.  So sometimes, when I want us to just have a quick motor break, I ask a child to be the DJ.

(I have this t-shirt)

I start by singing, ‘Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on…’ in my best Madonna auto-tuned impression – which isn’t very good.  I then pick a DJ.  I explained to them that a boy or girl can be the DJ, even though the song calls for ‘Mr. DJ’ – then after a child is picked, I give them a choice of two tracks we know.

Simple?  So simple, but they adore it.  I still have control over the academic theme and length of song, because I’m giving them the two songs to pick from.  If you’re looking for a way to give your sprouts some voice in their learning and aren’t afraid to hand over a little of the control, be brave, sing, ‘Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on!’