We had an assembly today.  It was a good one, but it was on the loooong side. Like over an hour long.  Which is never good for my sprouts.  Sitting more than fifteen minutes is hard.  Well today, to help out, I ended up with a drum set.  Let me explain.

If I notice a kid getting restless (usually a boy), I motion for them to come sit next to me (we’re on the floor).  I then rub or pat their back and that seems to help.  Well today, after one, another came on his own… then another, and another, and two more.  By the time I was done, I had six, yes, six backs in front of me to pat or rub.  Well, unfortunately, I only have two hands (really, if I could have a few more, teaching would be so much easier), so I just decided, I would play their backs like a drum set.

There I sat, surrounded by backs, patting this one, then that one, a trill on another, and you over there, you’re my cymbals.  Well, as crazy as it sounds, it worked.  They sat still and with me playing away, they were just fine.

We even got a compliment from the principal afterwards on how well behaved we were!  I dont’ know if she noticed my drumming, but I gave myself a little pat on the back for it anyway.