Today was Brian, my little charmer’s last day before our Spring Break next week.  His family is leaving a few days early and he’s been pretty excited about the trip.

Now Brian can be a little challenging… When I first found out he’d be out the last two days before vacation, my initial reaction was ‘Wow, it sure will be quieter around here’.  As the day came upon us and began to dwindle away, I started realizing I was really going to miss Brian.

As we were getting ready to go home, I called him over.

“Make sure you see me before you run out… I want to say goodbye before your trip.” I told him.

Brian has a tendency to leave quickly and sometimes I don’t get a chance to connect with him before he leaves.

I walked over to the door as we waited for the first group of buses to be called… Brian came over.

“Can I stand by you why we wait?” He asked me.

“Yes, of course you can,” I said.

With that he wrapped his arms around me and buried his head into my belly.

I lifted his head up so our eyes met.

“Have a wonderful time… I’ll miss you and know you’ll be good for your family,” I said.

“I will… and I’ll miss you too,” he said as he strutted out.

Two days without Brian… it will be quiet, but not nearly as interesting.