This post is for anyone who thinks kindergartners (or any children for that matter) don’t need to play.

Yesterday, curing Centers, I saw three boys working together at wooden blocks.  Now, in addition to negotiating and sharing, they were tackling an architectural challenge.

Their structure was coming into view, but they had a problem.  They were using cylinder shaped blocks to make two sets of tall columns on either side of an opening.  The problem came when they tried to balance a single flat rectangular block across the top.  You see, one of the four cylinders was a different size than the other three, so the block wouldn’t balance.

Billy approached me and asked, “Mr. ______, what is this shape called again?”

“It’s a cylinder, remember, it’s like a soup can,” I reminded him.

With that, the boys went on a cylinder hunt to locate one that matched the other three.

When Billy spotted the missing cylinder in a pile of blocks a group of girls were using, he very sneakily, pushed it over to the boys’ pile without anyone noticing.

With their columns complete, the boys cheered (no kidding), “Cylinder power, cylinder power, cylinder power!”

In a feat of cooperative work, these engineers proved, right in front of my eyes, why children need to play.