We’ve been studying fairy tales.  We started with Cinderella, which to me, seems like one of the most basic, simple, and core fairy tales.  We started by reading a fairly traditional retelling of the story and then explored some variations of the story.  Well today, I decided to show the Disney version of Cinderella.


Much to my surprise, only three of my sprouts had seen the movie.  Wow. We looked at our Venn Diagram before starting the movie and reviewed the traditional version of the book.  I explained the Venn Diagram and told them they should be thinking about how the movie is different and the same while watching.

As much as folks warned me my boys wouldn’t be into Cinderella, they were! Every child was truly enamored from the start.  We stopped about halfway through and began working on our Venn Diagram.  After lunch and recess, we finished the movie and completed it.  I was blown away at how analytical they were and how many details they remembered from both the movie and book.

(click to view larger version)

I was so happy to expose them to the film.  It’s really a classic and something I hope they’ll remember.  When the final scene faded away, the entire class erupted in applause and Ernie shouted, “That was EPIC!”

He was so right.