The amazing folks over at ESGI have generously offered a giveaway of a one year subscription to their assessment software.  If you’re unfamiliar with ESGI – take a peek at my introductory post.  This software will literally change the way you assess your students, but more importantly (in my book anyway) – it will change the way you USE that data to teach.

By far, my favorite use of the numerous charts and graphs is to pull up my entire class and see what letter names, sounds, sight words, or other concepts the class as a whole need the most work on.  Sure, you can look at individual student data and even better, print letters and flash cards for parents, but for my whole group and small group work, the data is vital.  It helps me create small groups based on skills needs and then I can quickly assess every few weeks to see how the groupings are working.

SO – what do you have to do?  Simply head over to ESGI using THIS LINK and sign up for a FREE – no commitment sixty day trial.  You don’t have to provide anything and when your sixty day trial runs out, the site will keep all your data if you do decide to sign up.  The folks at ESGI will take anyone who signs up through MY LINK after two weeks and pick a random winner.

SO – head over now!  You have until December 15th to sign up and enter!  Trust me, you won’t regret it!